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at the University of Victoria
Earth History @ UVic
We are a small team of computer savvy field geologists that rely on modern statistical and modeling approaches to understand the complex sedimentary geologic record of Earth. We are driven by a deep curiosity to undertand how Earth surface processes record critical moments in Earth history at time scales that include the evolution of life on Earth (millions to billions of years) and recent glacial-interglacial climate change (tens to hundreds of thousands of years).

Are you interested in studying the geologic history of climate and life? Our research group is dedicated to creating a positive, inclusive work environment for all. We embrace and encourage diversity in all forms and reject any form of discrimination. Fostering the diversity of thoughts, perspectives, and experiences that makes each of us unique strengthens the quality, social relevance, and impact of our research endeavors. Please reach out to blakedyer[at] to discuss Masters and PhD opportunities at UVic.